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U-profile Concrete Shuttering System
U60 0 Chamfer
U60 1 Chamfer
U60 2 Chamfer

The MAG U60 Pro is the easy to use and budget-friendly magnetic shuttering system for manufacturing girder slabs and double walls. Leading plants around the globe have been using these proven systems. Our MAG U60 Pro Magnetic Formwork System are tailor-made to order. Whatever your requirements may be, we will custom make a system to meet your needs. We offer several advantages like robot handling, different chamfering options, bearing fixtures, custom sizing, and more. The MAG U60 is made with the industry’s leading materials to guarantee reliability, functionality, and durability.

Magnetic shuttering System Technical drawing

Formwork Magnet Introduction

Magnetic formwork systems help workers in the reinforced concrete industry do their jobs better, more comfortable, and safer. The prefabricated construction industry is on the steady incline. Magnetic products like shuttering systems and ferrule insert magnets are used to mount inserts to a steel form with magnets, instead of drilling holes. These unique systems have changed the production of precast concrete components. The magnets can be directly embedded in the formwork, making them more convenient, more efficient, and more stable.

Using the intense adhesive force from the magnetic block, the formwork remains in close contact with the template, allowing whichever formwork system that needs to be fixed, to stay put. Because the steel formwork and magnetic blocks are united, no movement will occur. Even the slightest movement can cause the formwork system to deform.

Magnetic Formwork System are simple. They don’t require much of a learning curve, and they’ve helped to make the prefabricated construction industry environment safer and more stable. With the matching pry bar, the formwork magnet can be picked up, and the steel formwork can be easily removed from the template. Since the magnets are located inside the steel formwork groove, concrete residue or other dirt will not cause damage to the formwork system.

U-profile Concrete Shuttering System – All You Need to Know

Our precast concrete formwork magnets are made from steel formwork and embedded magnets. The U-profile Concrete Shuttering System is custom made to order. Customers can choose which size they want, with or without slots, and whether or not they want one chamfer, two chamfers, or without any.

magnetic formwork systems with chamfer

Our magnetic shuttering systems are made with high-performance magnetic inserts and high-grade steel. The shuttering system comes with a chamfer on both sides of the system, on one side, or none at all. We can configure the system to any length and height our customers require.

concrete shuttering system specification

Quick Facts About Our Magnetic Shuttering System:

  • Easy positioning
  • Can be used with current shuttering robots or activated by the push of a button
  • Easy to use
  • High working temperature
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Can be used in element slab and double wall manufacturing
  • We can create special sizes and heights upon request
  • The magnet quantity is adjusted for each shuttering
  • Made to last, extremely reliable and durable
  • Easy to remove with the matching pry bar
  • Concrete residue and dirt won’t cause damage to the complete formwork system
  • Choose between U60 0 Chamfer, U60 1 Chamfer, and U60 2 Chamfer

Formwork Production Technique

The U-profile Concrete Shuttering System is constructed with an iron plate using a unique folding machine. The folding mechanism is what creates the double groove chamfering, single groove chamfering, or our no chamfering options. We also use hand soldering equipment to weld formwork magnets that are between 2-3 m. Our equipment can handle the production of formwork magnets with heights that reach over 100mm.

Formwork Material and Treatment process

Below is an overview of the specialized treatments we use during production to ensure your magnetic shuttering system you purchase from us last you for a long time. We use a blend of aluminum alloy and stainless steel for their incredible reliance and ability to withstand extreme temperatures and wear and tear. We also apply special treatments to prevent our systems from rusting and corrosion. These systems are incredibly easy to maintain since we already pre-treated them.

Magnetic Formwork System Shell material comparison

  • Q235A Carbon Steel, Blackening Treatment

Q235A carbon steel has better magnetic flux than stainless steel and is much more cost-effective. It’s commonly used in chemical surface treatments. The purpose of the blackening treatment is to create an oxide film on the metal surface with isolates the air and forms a strong anti-rust barrier.

  • Q235A Carbon Steel, Polished Treatment

Some customers are concerned that the oxide layer on the exterior will have an effect on the cement surface. To ensure every aspect of the cement surface is safe, we apply a unique polishing treatment.

  • Aluminum Alloy

The aluminum alloy formwork magnet is made up of aluminum alloy formwork and embedded magnet blocks. Due to unique processing technology, aluminum alloy formwork is incredibly strong. The risk of bending, bruising, and deformities are minimal compared to steel or stainless steel. Aluminum alloy continually deliveries outstanding consistency and stability. The weight of the formwork is reduced as well, making it easier to maneuver and work with.

  • Stainless Steel

The stainless steel formwork magnet is composed of stainless steel formwork and an embedded magnet blocks, which is lightweight and convenient for the operation of the mechanical arm.

Magnetic Formwork System Us vs. Our Competitors

Our top of the line production equipment gives us a leg up on our competition. We use a supreme magnetic solution and the highest quality raw materials to produce our products.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and strive to give our clients the very best. Our testing lab is equipped with state-of-the-art measuring and testing machinery. The QC department works tirelessly to ensure ongoing development and maintain our high standards of quality. It’s our promise to you to fulfill each customer requirement within all applicable regulations. We will work with you to create custom products with supreme quality to better your working environment.

Our Magnetic shuttering system Production Process

Depending on the specifics of the order, the production of the individual parts to the final product is usually done in 6-7 steps. We always uphold the industry standard and conduct quality checks on every product we produce. We have highly qualified professional quality inspectors who are responsible for examining each step of the process.

precast concrete formwork magnets spring show

Magnetic shuttering system magnets core instock

Magnetic Formwork System instock

Take a peek into our production facility

Product Drawing

Because we do custom orders, we brought on a professional engineering team to assist us with each request. For every order, we work hand in hand with the engineering team to carefully design the magnets according to the customer’s requirements. Once we have the green light from our engineers, we get to work on manufacturing the customer’s final product.

Magnetic Formwork System technical drawing

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Magnetic shuttering system Packaging

Magnetic Formwork System Packaging


What is the lead time?


  • shuttering-magnets-HD-picture

    shuttering magnets

    The shuttering magnet by Magprecast is one of the most useful and essential accessories to any precast concrete system. The top of the line magnet is made from high-performance permanent ferromagnetic NdFeB magnetic components. This precast concrete magnet is made with spring screw connection accessories for easy access, and 201 or 304 stainless steel buttons and housing components for durability and longevity. We have perfected the shuttering magnet here at Magprecast. Read on to learn more about how to use them, how to best care for them, and how they have helped change the precast concrete industry.

  • Magnetic Steel Chamfer

    Magnetic steel chamfer strip has been used in the precast concrete industry for several decades. They can handle extreme working conditions and are used to attach steel surfaces. They were designed to create beveled edges on the corners of concrete wall panels as well as some formwork. There are two commonly used shapes: triangle and trapezoid. Magnetic strips for precast concrete are one of the most versatile accessories used in the precast concrete industry. They come in several different sizes and can be fully customized to suit a manufacturer’s specific requirements.

  • Threaded bushing magnets

    Threaded bushing magnets

    Ferrule insert magnet for concrete have revolutionized the precast concrete industry. Threaded bushing magnets are used in magnetic shuttering systems. They are used to fasten various parts and form space during reinforced concrete product production. The magnets come in multiple sizes and have proven to significantly reduce labor costs and help increase product quality and efficiency. The magnets attach to the magnet formwork system, or on the steel table during concrete structures manufacturing. This equipment has allowed precast concrete manufacturers to simplify their daily workday while saving time and money.



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