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Who are we?

Magprecast, headquartered in Ningbo, has been manufacturing high-quality shuttering magnets since 2015. Our focus is on providing customers with premium products and unparalleled customer service. Magprecast has more than five years of magnetic product experience and more than 20 years of China shipping experience. We founded our company in 2015 and grew steadily to become the number one choice for magnetic precast components.

Our team is made up of talented professionals in magnetism and magnetic applications and has worked tirelessly to set the standard for our high quality shuttering magnets. We have perfected our manufacturing process using patented, magnetic production techniques and procedures to offer our customers top of the line shuttering magnets. Through the years, we have helped our customers grow and extend their aggregate industries. We offer an extensive range of shuttering magnets of paramount quality and provide global shipping for our customers.

Since our opening, we have worked with over 100 customers and distributors around the globe. Magprecast products are used in various types of warehouses, construction sites (steel tables), factories, and manufacturing plants handling concrete products throughout Europe, Asia, the USA, and the Middle East.

R&D Department

We established a testing and quality control center to ensure the quality of our products is superior. Our talented research and development team oversees all production stages. We use advanced systems to monitor and control conditions during each step of the manufacturing process. Our goal is to provide you with functioning, durable, and practical shuttering magnets made to last. Our engineering support team and a shipping support team are available to assist in scheduling, detailing, design, and specifications of your order. Products sold via Magprecast are trusted for their compliance, reliability, and integrity. Precision-manufactured magnetic precast components perform outstandingly, even in the most demanding applications.

What do we do?

We offer shuttering magnets that can be used in all kinds of formwork construction. Magrecast shuttering magnets are universal and can be used in making various types of mass-produced concrete products.

Our team has painstakingly scoured to find the best possible raw materials to create our products with. Our customer’s satisfaction is our number one priority. We proudly offer lifetime technical support to all of our Magprecast customers. Our shuttering magnets will never damage the steel table, meaning you don’t have to worry about welding.

Magprecast Behind The Scenes | Brand Story

The idea for Magprecast was born while the founder, (name), was working as a sales engineer. Being from China, he has experienced the untrue stereotypes that Chinese products are inferior and don’t comply with the industry standards. One instance that really stood out to him was a call he had with a German client while working as a sales engineer. The client let him know that he believed goods made in China are uncomparable to European standards. Disheartened by the way the world perceives Chinese-made goods, (name) founded Magprecast with the foundation of always promising to deliver top-quality products made with the finest materials.

Our Mission

Magprecast not only aspires to reach your expectations, but we also hope to exceed them. With our commitment to producing the highest quality shuttering magnets, we aim to compete with the European standards and surpass them. We have the passion, materials, knowledge, and tools to create top-quality shuttering magnets. Our experienced professionals work closely with structural engineers, architects, and developers to ensure that every product that we ship meets the most challenging project’s demands while still complying with emerging regulations. This enables us always to remain ahead of competitors.

Our Magprecast magnets have extreme adhesive power. They are lightweight, easy to use, and were created for unlimited use options. We help you safely stabilize any kind of formwork to ensure your worksite always remains safe, your work can be done correctly, and we promise to continually strive to meet all of your requirements.

Responsive Global Delivery at Magprecast

With our focus shifting from the domestic market to the overseas market, we started exporting our products. We have the tools and resources to fulfill high-volume and urgent orders while regularly meeting tight deadlines. Our extensive distribution network and customer service professionals enable us to deliver products ordered, where they need it when they need it. With 24/7 professional service, customers globally can reach us in China time whenever they need assistance.

Company Motto

Quality comes first. Prior to shipment, all of our products are inspected. We are happy to be your vendor for your products, considering that we offer unbeatable prices.

As most of you already know, there is a vast number of products manufactured and sold in China. More than 90% of magnetic precast components alone are manufactured in China. The quality of our product line and magnetic precast components are of utmost importance to us, and your satisfaction is paramount. Since establishing Magprecast, we continue to work hard to improve production and merchandise processes.

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