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The shuttering magnet by Magprecast is one of the most useful and essential accessories to any precast concrete system. The top of the line magnet is made from high-performance permanent ferromagnetic NdFeB magnetic components. This precast concrete magnet is made with spring screw connection accessories for easy access, and 201 or 304 stainless steel buttons and housing components for durability and longevity. We have perfected the shuttering magnet here at Magprecast. Read on to learn more about how to use them, how to best care for them, and how they have helped change the precast concrete industry.

Product Background – Shuttering Magnet

When we set out to shuttering magnet manufacture, we were not about to go small. We have a team of in-house magnetists here at Magprecast who create these advanced magnet arrangements. The precast concrete magnet has an incredible magnetic field strength and suction force. The suction force is over 200 times its own weight. Through the interaction of the magnetically conductive materials, the arrangement of the magnetic lines of the individual magnets change.

450 kg Shuttering magnets HD picture

Shuttering Magnets Specification In Metric

Shuttering magnets Specification Sheet

Button magnets specifications

Shuttering magnets Specification Sheet For US


When the Precast concret magnet is in use, the bottom of the magnet is firmly attached to the steel mold platform. (The magnet and the platform form a complete magnetic circuit closing system.) This circuit exhibits an ultra-strong holding force. The shuttering magnet will not budge, slip, or shift while in use, making it much safer and user-friendly.

How the shuttering magnets work
Working principle of shuttering magnets

Lifting the magnet to the platform

When the precast concret magnet is not in use, there’s a gap between the magnet and the platform. The magnetic circuit is not saturated, and the holding force is reduced. This is the time to pry the shuttering magnets open with a tool and begin using it with the platform.

Instructions for safe use

To ensure your shuttering magnets magnets can last through countless uses, be sure to treat them with care. Below are some tips on how you can help lengthen the lifespan of your shuttering magnet.

  1. Don’t exceed heat over 80 degrees celsius. (The magnet will not function properly when too hot)
  2. Don’t roughhouse with it. Don’t randomly toss it or throw it on a table.
  3. Regular magnet cleaning is essential to keep rust and corrosion at a minimum
  4. Don’t put any foreign matter on the surface of the adsorption die

For more details on how you can prolong the lifespan of your shuttering magnet, check out (link to blog《How to maintain shuttering magnet》)

Why should you be using shuttering magnets?

Shuttering magnets have entirely revamped the precast concrete industry, for the better! Check out some of the perks of using them below. We’ve come up with 20 reasons, but we think it’s safe to say the advantages of shuttering magnets are virtually endless.

  1. They’re convenient and 70% faster than traditional methods.
  2. No damage to your die table from drilling hundreds of holes. No welding is needed meaning your die table will last for much longer.
  3. Cut down of labor costs. Shuttering magnets provide a short recovery cost cycle.
  4. They are suitable for various forms of templates (plastic, steel, wood).
  5. The magnet provides unlimited use options and can always be customized to meet your requirements.
  6. Construction personnel no longer need to target various forms of different products. All that is required is a magnet to increase the height of the board and the steel workbench.
  7. Fixed side touch for use in a concrete factory
  8. Cost-effective solution for building components.
  9. Easy to use and convenient disassembly, and assembly,
  10. It allows users to reuse formwork molds, saving money in the long run.
  11. It can be used in various manufacturing types, from single products to mass-produced concrete products on a steel table.
  12. Reduces template installation time.
  13. A shuttering magnet can be customized to suit various requirements.
  14. Very easy to operate. The magnet is easy to position accurately.
  15. It’s incredibly versatile; use it with wood or steel formwork.
  16. It has a powerful adhesion range. The magnet can endure 450 Kg up to 3100 Kg.
  17. Help maintain the formwork table. Never have to drill holes in the surface, avoid welding, and eliminate the need to bolt the formwork table. The finish will remain unscathed, making it last much longer.
  18. Use the same magnet for multiple purposes.
  19. Integrated threaded holes can be adapted to the template.
  20. Improve the yield rate and quality of the precast concrete wall.


Much like anything else, there are some precautions to take when using our magnets. These are not only for your safety but to ensure the precast concrete magnet performs as it should.

Clean shuttering magnets
Clean shuttering magnets

1. The internal components of the neodymium magnet must be kept clean. Avoid debris entering the template magnet. If foreign material makes its way in, the magnetic force will be in jeopardy.

Operating temperature warning

2. The maximum operating or storage temperature must be below 80 ° C. Higher temperatures may cause the template magnet to decrease or lose its magnetic force completely. The temperature of a standard curing furnace is below 60 ℃ so the magnet can enter directly. If the curing furnace’s temperature is higher than 80 ℃, remove the magnet before entering the curing furnace.

No access for Persons with Pacemakers

3. Keep the shuttering magnet away from electronic devices and unnecessary ferromagnetic metals. This includes mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops, and computers. Almost no magnetic force is felt outside the steel casing of the shuttering magnets, but the magnetic force inside is extremely strong.

Safety note* If someone wears a pacemaker, extra care should be taken because strong magnetic fields can damage electronic devices inside the pacemaker.

avoid pinching your hands

  1. To avoid pinching your hands, always handle with care. Stack the magnets gently, and always look out for your fingers and hands.

For more details, please click on 《How to maintain shuttering magnet》.

Why choose Magprecast?

We get it; there are plenty of other companies that manufacture shuttering magnets. We hold ourselves to a much higher standard of quality and care for our customers. So, why us? Read on to learn how we’re different from our competitors.

Top 10 reasons why you should trust Magprecast with your next shuttering magnet purchase.

  1. We offer a much more reliable pull performance. On average, our suctions are 5~20% better than other magnets on the market. The pulling force of our MAG-2100kg reaches more than 2200kg.

pull force of shuttering magnet compared

  1. We use a much smaller gap to prevent concrete from making its way inside of the shuttering magnet. When concrete seeps in, the magnets become shaky and unsafe.

precast concrete magnet compared

  1. Magprecast rigorously controls production. Our magnets are made with small gaps, a more stable interior, and overall better raw materials.
How to choose good shuttering magnets
magprecast shuttering magnets have smaller gaps
  1. We use an anti-rust treatment to make sure our magnets last longer than our competitors. The surface of the magnet is galvanized to prevent rust
precast concrete magnet compared
magprecast uses better spring parts in shuttering magnets
  1. Our high-quality spring helps protect the magnet in case it’s dropped. Our springs are made with durable Japanese alloy steel SWOSC-V. This particular spring has a lifespan of over 1,000 years, and we use an anti-corrosion treatment on it as well.

Magprecast Anti-rust treatment

  1. We have a better screw assembly. No detail is too small for us here at Magprecast. Even the smallest elements on our magnets, like the screws, are made with the highest industry grade 12.9 metal, and the surface is treated with an anti-rust spray.

precast concrete magnet screw compared

  1. Concrete is an abrasive substance. It can easily cause damage and corrosion to the shuttering magnet. To prevent it, we use anti-corrosion treatments on our magnet parts. We understand these magnets will undergo harsh working environments and are continually subjected to sharp materials and high temperatures. Without our anti-corrosion treatments, the magnets would have a significantly shorter lifespan.

precast concrete magnet coating

  1. According to customer feedback, the magnet is easily damaged. If exposed to the outside, magprecast listens to the customer’s opinions and improves it carefully. In order to make our shuttering magnets more durable, we wrapped a layer of stainless steel on the surface of the magnet, which effectively protects the magnet and allows The life of the magnet is longer.

shuttering magnets Core magnet comparison

  1. The shells of our magnets are blackened during a meticulous 9-step process that includes cleaning, degreasing, washing, pickling, blow-drying, and oiling.
  2. We have much shorter shipping times. We know how frustrating it can be to wait almost a month for a product to arrive in the mail. We have different shipping options here, and most products will be shipped out within 3 days of the order date. That’s lightning-fast compared to other companies who have an average 25-day wait.

Fast delivery


How we ship the magnets out to our customers is just as important to us as the manufacturing process. Magnets can be tricky; you may be surprised how many rules and regulations courier companies have regarding shipping magnets. We use magnetic isolation packaging in all of our shipments. This unique packing has anti-collision foam, an iron plate, and cardboard not only to protect the products but adhere to the safety requirements of courier companies. Our products will never get rejected by the postal service. We also take the time to ensure our packages are waterproof.

To us, sending our customers a clean, in-tact, damage-free package is our way of saying thank you. We genuinely appreciate each and every purchase made at Magprecast, and for over a decade, we have not has any issues or complaints from our customers that they have received damaged or sub-par items from us.

Shopping with us shouldn’t be difficult. For some orders, we even offer same-day delivery. Contact us to learn more about how you can receive your precast concrete magnet today. Our goal is to make shopping for shuttering magnets simple, quick, and hassle-free.

Quality control

We hand-test each shuttering magnet before we allow it to go on the market. We do a series of QA inspections, including a magnetic force test, taking measurements, and making sure the magnet can withstand the proper amount of weight. All of these tests are done in-house by our team of engineers who fully understand the delicate nature of magnets. We will never ship a product that doesn’t pass our rigorous QA tests. That’s not how we operate here.

Quality inspection of shuttering magnets shell


Why does the fixed effect of shuttering magnets weaken over time?

This happens when there are foreign objects (such as concrete, iron filings, film, etc.) on the bottom of the product or misalignment of the magnet, it can’t properly attach to the platform. You won’t get the same holding force, and it can weaken the magnet over time.

How can I prevent damage to my magnet?

Try to be as gentle as possible. Yes, the magnets are tough and can withstand regular usage, but if they’re banged around or mistreated, they won’t perform at their absolute best.

The physical properties of the damaged NdFeB material inside the magnet are hard and brittle.

Therefore, the magnet should not be impacted or thrown around by external force. Nor can the two magnets be attracted to each other. If the magnet inside the product breaks and damages the body, the product cannot be used.

When will I receive my shuttering magnet?

Most orders will be shipped out within 3-5 days. We try to keep our inventory high to reduce waiting times. If you need a customized precast concrete magnet or a logo, contact us to learn more.

Will the magnet lose tension over time?

Every magnet will lose some tension over time. Magprecast uses high-quality magnets to ensure our loss rate is only 1% within the first 10 years of use.


  • Magnetic Shuttering System

    U-profile Concrete Shuttering System
    U60 0 Chamfer
    U60 1 Chamfer
    U60 2 Chamfer

  • Threaded bushing magnets

    Threaded bushing magnets

    Ferrule insert magnet for concrete have revolutionized the precast concrete industry. Threaded bushing magnets are used in magnetic shuttering systems. They are used to fasten various parts and form space during reinforced concrete product production. The magnets come in multiple sizes and have proven to significantly reduce labor costs and help increase product quality and efficiency. The magnets attach to the magnet formwork system, or on the steel table during concrete structures manufacturing. This equipment has allowed precast concrete manufacturers to simplify their daily workday while saving time and money.

  • Magnetic Steel Chamfer

    Magnetic steel chamfer strip has been used in the precast concrete industry for several decades. They can handle extreme working conditions and are used to attach steel surfaces. They were designed to create beveled edges on the corners of concrete wall panels as well as some formwork. There are two commonly used shapes: triangle and trapezoid. Magnetic strips for precast concrete are one of the most versatile accessories used in the precast concrete industry. They come in several different sizes and can be fully customized to suit a manufacturer’s specific requirements.



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