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Our Most Popular Products

Shuttering Magnet

Magprecast Shuttering Magnets have made conventional methods of fixing precast concrete shuttering obsolete.

Formwork Magnet

The Magprecast formwork is used to produce precast concrete structures. This method is more convenient, efficient。

Magnetic Chamfer

Magprecast Magnetic Chamfers are used to place the chamfer in magnet formwork construction quickly

Insert Magnets

Magprecast insert magnet is a strong magnet used to position and secure precast concrete elements.

Erection Anchors

Erection anchors, securely attach precast elements with a unique grip design, aiding in easy lifting and positioning.

Lifting Anchors

Lifting anchors are steel devices for lifting heavy loads. Eye and plate anchors have different uses for vertical and spread loads.

Who We Are

Magprecast, headquartered in Ningbo, has been manufacturing high-quality shuttering magnets since 2015. Our focus is on providing customers with premium products and unparalleled customer service. Magprecast has more than five years of magnetic product experience and more than 20 years of China shipping experience. We founded our company in 2015 and grew steadily to become the number one choice for magnetic precast components.
Our team is made up of talented professionals in magnetism and magnetic applications and has worked tirelessly to set the standard for our high-quality shuttering magnets. We have perfected our manufacturing process using patented, magnetic production techniques and procedures to offer our customers top-of-the-line shuttering magnets. 
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Why Choose Us

We are a Ningbo company established in 2015, we have provided the best formwork magnets, magnetic chamfers, magnetic formwork systems and insert magnet assemblies to global customers in the past 15 years.
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Uncompromised Quality

From raw materials to finished products, every process is subjected to strict quality controls, testing, and inspection.

Reliable Packaging

We pack every product with love and care, keeping the shipment packaging standards and the safety of our products at the forefront.

Worldwide Shipping

We provide DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) service for customers who don’t have import authority. We also provide various certificates e.t.c

Affordable Prices

Our self-production of raw materials allows us to keep prices low and affordable for our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find an answer here, please contact us email at

Magprecast processes requests for quotes quickly. Quotes will be sent within 2 hours if the request is received during Chinese working hours, i.e. Monday to Friday 9:00 to 18:00 GMT+8. If a request is received outside of business hours, you will receive a quote within 10 hours.

certainly! Magprecast is willing to provide free samples to every potential customer. However, due to cost considerations, samples need to be paid initially. The sample fee will be refunded after receiving your order.

Products in the spec sheet, such as regular shuttering magnets, formwork magnet systems, will be shipped within 3-5 days of receipt of your order. Customized products take longer.

The following information is required for a shuttering magnet inquiry:

  1. Quantity needed
  2. Model
  3. Shipping address
  4. Trade term wanted

Sure! Just contact Magprecast, and we will suggest the perfect magnetic solution for your factory.

Magprecast boasts a fast processing service; however, the time it takes for the customer to receive the goods depends on the length of the shipping time. It takes 3-10 days for shipping through the air and 10-45 days if shipping through the sea (may slightly vary depending on the airport or port). If you need us to provide customs clearance service, it will consume an additional period of 5-10 days.

The sample fee can be transferred through PayPal. Payment for bulk goods can be transferred via bank.

Yes, we can provide both OEM and ODM services. We have been providing these services for distributors around the world. You can find more details on our OEM page.
We have no strict MOQ. Regardless of the quantity, we will try our best to accommodate you. In case of any difficulties, we will be open to discussing alternative solutions with you.

We are proud of the following qualities and services we offer:

  1. Professional and reliable
    Our products speak of our professionalism and are extremely reliable. For example, stainless steel rings and iron plates are added to the surface of the magnet to isolate the damage caused by concrete and external forces during the production of precast concrete components, thereby extending the life of the product.
  1. Quality control
    Quality inspectors have strict controls in each process, from raw materials to manufacturing of shuttering magnets and other precast concrete accessories. Each batch of products must be inspected and tested hundreds of times.
  1. After-sale protection
    Whether you buy one or 10,000 products from us, we will provide you with free product training and lifetime technical guidance. We also provide free repairs and replacement parts within one year under the premise of complying with the product operation procedures.

Exhibition Display

We will participate in the Las Vegas Concrete Exhibition from January 23rd to January 25th, 2024

What Our Customers Are Saying?

Various customized professional services

Dimensions, connection type, accessories, and any other requirements, we will provide the best solution for your projects. Customer satisfaction is always our pursuit.

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