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How to Maintain Shuttering Magnets

If you’re investing in maintain shuttering magnets, surely you’ll want to get as much use out of them as possible. By taking a few easy steps, you can help prolong the lifespan of your shuttering magnets and ensure they perform just as well as the day you bought them. Follow these tips and tricks to keep your shuttering magnets free from rust and decay, and learn how to best care for them before, during, and after use.

What to do Before You Work With Shuttering Magnets?

Before using a stuttering magnet, always make sure the magnetic block is flat, smooth, and free of any dirt, grime, or debris. You don’t want to see any foreign matter on the magnet, if you do, clean it before using it. You always want to ensure your work surfaces are clean as well.

Quick Tips – Maintain Shuttering Magnets

  • Don’t be rough on the shuttering magnets. The rare earth materials inside the magnets can be compromised if dropped.
  • Avoid external impact. Banging it with a hammer, bumping, knocking, and any other unnecessary misuse will cause it to deform.
  • Don’t remove the magnet with a hammer. Instead, use the easy-to-use button to remove it safely. If the magnet isn’t equipped with an automatic button, lift the switch attached to the magnet with a crowbar. This will loosen the suction between the magnet and the platform so you can easily take it out.
  • When pressing the shuttering magnet, don’t use a metal hoe to hit it directly, instead, press it with the sole of your shoe and let gravity work its magic. (See image below.)

How to Safely Clean / Maintain Shuttering Magnets?

Shuttering magnets must always remain clean to ensure a long lifespan. You may have noticed some materials that are hard to clean, like coagulants that may be stuck. Use a grinder to remove those hard to clean substances. If you come across any concrete, try scraping away the excess with a polishing knife, or use a sander with an attached wire polishing disc. Never leave old, dried up concrete on the bottom of the magnets, the longer you wait to clean them, the harder it will be.

Dirty magnet

Aftercare – Keeping Shuttering Magnets in Pristine Condition

You can reuse shuttering magnets multiple times, but it’s best to always clean after each use to ensure consistent product quality. Spray the shuttering magnets as needed with anti-rust oil or concrete mold oils to help prevent corrosion. Store shuttering magnets in an area that won’t surpass 80 ° C. If you’re using a curing furnace that exceeds 80 ° C, remove the shuttering magnets to avoid demagnetization caused by high temperature.

Long Term Storage of Shuttering Magnets If you’re not planning to use your shuttering magnets for a long time, the risk of rusting and eroding goes up, leaving the holding power of the magnet in jeopardy. If you know you’re not planning to use the magnets for a while, always apply a good anti-rust oil like Mobil or Great Wall at the bottom of the shuttering magnet – only after it’s cleaned. This will give your magnet a much longer lifespan.

Bonus Tip: Don’t store them in the same vicinity with alkali and strong acids.
Just like any other tool, shuttering magnets need the occasional TLC to make sure they last you for years to come. Things like excessive external force and failure to do proper rust prevention will drastically shorten the lifespan of the shuttering magnet. With proper usage and minimal upkeep, the magnets will maintain their holding power so that you can use them for longer.
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About Author

Hi, I'm the author of this post, and also the Sales Manager of MAGPRCAST. I have been in this field for more than 15 years. If you want to know more about precast concrete industrial or services, please just feel free to contact me anytime.

Eason Hu
Hi, I’m the author of this post, and also the Sales  Manager of MAGPRCAST. I have been in this field for more than 15 years. If you want to know more about precast concrete industrial or services, please just feel free to contact me anytime.

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